Sitter Session

  • An hour session.

  • Use of our outfits and props.

  • A private gallery online to view your images.

  • Digital file packages - from £49.

Sitter Session


Do you have a little sitter?

To celebrate this awesome milestone
of your little one learning to sit up unaided we have our Sitter Photo Session's, it wont be long before they are running around so don’t miss out on capturing this special stage.


The session takes place when your baby can sit and crawl, but doesn’t yet walk. Every baby develops differently, so a sitter session is usually scheduled when a baby is around 6 to 9 months old. This session is definitely a parent favorite. We recommend scheduling the session after baby is sitting confidently.

Sitter sessions take approximately an hour. We provide all backdrops, props, and outfits for these sessions but you can of course bring an outfit or a toy that is special to incorporate if you wish.

Be sure you book the session for after nap time, tired little ones are rarely happy to be photographed.