Privacy Policy

Okay so as some of you guys might know we need a clear privacy policy on our website where you find it, technically we aren’t having to change the way we do things, but here is our GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant privacy policy. Yes, we know it’s boring. However the new regulation means that businesses have to provide jargon-free information on how and why they collect personal data to anyone that visits their website.

Personal data we collect

We collect and process the following information you provide by completing the initial enquiry form on my website:

Name – So we don’t have to call you Sir/Madam

Email Address – So we know where to send your booking pack

Mobile Number – Just in case the email gets lost, we can text to let you know we have responded

If you decide to go ahead with the booking, we may collect and process the following additional information you provide by completing the contract and or questionnaire

Home Address – So we know where to send your awesome images

Names and Ages of ALL individuals being photographed – So we know who is who

How we collect and keep this information

When you initially enquire using the form on the contact page, the information arrives in our email inbox and our online diary system 17Hats which is GDPR compliant, both of which are secured with passwords (these aren’t easy to guess either!). Our website is very securely pass worded with a HTTPS link also. If you decide not to proceed with the booking we will be very sad but will agree to delete your data after a reasonable amount of time has passed. Your information will NEVER be sold or given to anyone other than us.

If you go ahead with booking us as your photographers (That’s awesome!!), we will do a happy dance and you’ll be asked to fill in the relevant contract. This booking form is stored within our diary system 17Hats which is password protected. Any questionnaires join the booking forms and contracts.

Right of confirmation, access, rectification and erasure

If you do have any questions at all about what data we have on you, we are more than happy to share. Don’t be surprised though when there’s no juicy gossip, only what you’ve told us! If you do decide you want us to erase all your data, we do suggest if that is the case to do this after you’ve purchased all the images you wish to keep.

Use of your data

To summarise, we will definitely use your email address a few times before your session. We might even use it occasionally after the session to keep you updated on your chosen products. We most certainly won’t pass your email address on to anyone else!


Face based data

Unfortunately for photographers, the EU hasn’t really been that specific on whether your face is classed as data. They just state that it must be for reasonable and legitimate use. The fact you have hired us to take your photograph, provides reasonable and legitimate use. We promise to not sell your images on to anyone. If anyone does approach us in relation to your images, we will always email you about it.

In order to run our business, we do post photos of my clients and work on social media and our website. We do ask for clients if they agree to this in the booking pack and contract, so if you do have objections, please do say! Your photos and beautiful faces are stored on three external hard drives which are kept in two different locations (behind multi-locked doors). They are also stored on an online gallery called Pixieset for a minimum of one month, which is GDPR compliant.

Links to other websites

My website does occasionally provide links to other websites, such as blogs and other suppliers. We have no control over such websites and are not responsible for the content of these websites. This privacy policy does not extend to your use of such websites. You are advised to read the privacy policy or statement of other websites prior to using them.