Please read and re read this important information on how to prepare, because it really does make SUCH a difference.

If you are unable to attend the session please contact us as soon as you can, as missed appointments will result in you losing the cost of your session. If anyone attending the session, including the child or children are ill please let us know asap, please do not just turn up to the session, we work with vulnerable newborns and children, so it’s important not to put anyone else at risk of sickness.

Changes and adjustments we have made;

  • Only One Household per booking.

  • No Shoes Policy - as some of you may know, we already have this in place, however we are not having any outside shoes in the room, the shoe rack shall be outside the studio room, in the hallway.

  • Face Masks - we shall be wearing a new clean face mask and apron for each session and ask that you also wear a face mask in the studio when you aren’t being photographed. Please bring one with you, we will have a limited number of face masks available to purchase for £1 each, exact change only.

  • Social Distancing - we will maintain a distance during the session, so will ask that this be adhered to by clients, we will be regularly using hand sanitiser, using a new mask and apron each session.

  • Symptoms or Contact - if you, any of your family or people you have been in contact with have any symptoms or felt ill in the 72 hours before the session, we require you to reschedule, you will not lose your booking fee etc, we will reschedule.

  • Air Purifier - We have purchased and installed an air purifier that will run during the session, meaning the air will continually be cleaned.

For a google map of where to find us please click here.

Maternity Booking Confirmation