Mini Newborn Session
Booking Confirmation

Please read and re read this important information on how to prepare, because it really does make SUCH a difference.


If you are unable to attend the session please contact us as soon as you can, as missed appointments will result in you losing the cost of your session. If anyone attending the session, including baby are ill please let us know asap, please do not just turn up to the session, we work with vulnerable newborns and children, so it’s important not to put anyone else at risk of sickness.Please be prepared for the session to take anywhere up to three and a half hours, this is dependent on baby.

THERE IS A NO SHOES POLICY in our studio room, this is because little hands touch our floor.
We do have lots of comfy slippers for our clients to use when not being photographed.


Before you arrive there are THREE things we ask you to do to help us have a smooth session for baby;

1.   After baby has had their first feed of the day, please try to delay the next one until you arrive at the studio.
2.   Once baby wakes for their first feed, PLEASE try to keep them awake until you arrive.
3.   Dress baby in a vest and babygro, this ensures a smooth transition from arrival to shooting. Please use blankets if extra layers are needed.

THESE ARE HUGELY IMPORTANT. Keeping baby awake helps to ensure that baby sleeps beautifully after their feed and it really can make all the difference!

TIP: Give baby a bath, allow to kick undressed with just a nappy to help keep awake.


When you arrive we will jump straight into the family shots if you are having them, after those 10 minutes, you can have a seat and take the rest of the time to relax, we recommend bringing a book, magazines or an ipad with a film downloaded, some parents use this time to rest and have a much needed nap on our comfortable sofa.

Our sessions are baby led so we take our time, make sure baby is comfortable and that they are happy at all times. Each baby is different and each session goes differently as a result. The images we get will depend almost completely on your baby on the day, as well as our skills in creating a set of images personal to you.

We suggest bringing extra nappies, a dummy if you use one and bottles if you bottle feed. We find babies tend to be extra hungry at the sessions.

You are very welcome to bring along any special stuffed animals, or if a parent has a uniform i.e helmets or boots or hobby, instruments etc.

We recommend yourselves wearing light layers as we keep the studio quite warm for baby. Layers mean you can stay comfortable.

Due to COVID 19 restrictions, we are unable to provide refreshments, you are welcome to bring your own or there is a hot drink vending machine and a cold drink and snack vending machine in the break room next to the studio in the business centre.



After your session we will edit your images and when they are ready for you to view, we will upload them on to a personal online gallery and send you the link and password. This will normally be about three weeks after the session. However if there is a date i.e end of month or just after payday, that would work better for you, please just let us know. On the online gallery there is a store to purchase your chosen collection. If you wish to do a split payment just let us know. You are unable to do that through the online gallery store, but we can sort that out for you.


If you’d like your older child or children and or yourselves included in some images, you MUST arrange this before the session.

For your family or sibling session, have a think about what you would like everyone to wear, we recommend dressing as plainly as possible, tshirts or shirts, with no logos or characters, try to be complementary in colours if you aren’t matching.


Once you arrive, we will wrap baby, when baby is ready we will then take some family images. Don’t worry about posing, we will help you get in the right position. We have lots of experience with taking parent shots, so you can be sure we will make the process as quick and easy as possible. If needed we take family images at a weekend close by if part of your family is at work or school.


The newborn session needs to be a very gentle, calm and stress free time. Older children, especially toddlers will have nothing to do and get bored. Dealing with this creates stress and can cause issues with settling the baby. Also, we would like you to relax and enjoy your time with us. We ask that you arrange to bring your older child for images with baby either at the start of the session or a weekend close by, but they cannot stay for the entire session.
We will do our best to ensure we get a good selection of sibling images, but there are a few things to remember;
Sometimes toddlers don’t co-operate. We will do whatever we can and sometimes they may need some encouragement, i.e snacks or toys to help the sibling part of the session along, so we would be grateful if you could bring something should this be the case. In some cases, it may be beneficial to book in a small 15-20mins appointment another day.


The studio is in the Beehive office building next to the Beehive roundabout at the entrance to Shadsworth Business Park. There is a car park at the front of the building which can be accessed from Lions Drive. Please text 07971173216 or facebook message us and we can come and collect you from reception. Be sure to arrive on time, not early or late.
For a google map of where to find us please click here.

Thank you for choosing us to document this important time. We can't wait to see you and your little one!

Bek & Grace x